Tutors: GED Information

Do you have a desire to help someone earn their GED? You can make a difference in someone’s life in as little as one hour per week by volunteering as a GED tutor in the library’s Success for Life program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the requirements to be a tutor?
A. We follow the same guidelines as Northampton Community College. We ask that tutors have a bachelor’s degree and a desire to help others through tutoring. A student may have more than one tutor; for example, one tutor may cover language arts and social studies and another tutor may cover science and math.

Q. Where will the tutoring sessions take place?
A. The main Hughes Library is the site for most tutoring sessions, although some are taking place in the Smithfields branch library when that site is more convenient for both the tutor and student. The Hughes Library has study and proctoring rooms available for your tutoring sessions.

Q. What does the GED exam cover?
A. The GED exam consists of four separate exams. A student does not have to take them all at once. A full description of the components of the GED exam is contained in the GED Educator Handbook. The four exams are:

  1. Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) test
  2. Mathematical Reasoning test
  3. Science test
  4. Social Studies test

Q. What resources are available to help students prepare for the exam?
A. All tutors and students will receive the Kaplan GED Premier Book. Additionally, through the library you and your students have access to Learning Express Library offers hundreds of free online GED practice exams. The test preparation materials and interactive practice exams are based on official tests. This service provides immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results. This database is free to all library patrons. In addition to GED prep, the database also offers preparation for many career exams. First time users need to set up an account to access the exams.

Kaplan GED BookStudents and tutors in the program will receive the Kaplan GED Test Premier workbook, the same book used at Northampton Community College.

Approved Texas instrument calculators are available for use within the library and may be checked out on any day a student is taking a GED exam at Northampton.

The GED Educator Handbook is a 17-page guide that explains what is on the exam and how to prepare students to pass the four individual exams that make up the GED test.

Q. Who administers the GED exam?
A. All four sections of the GED exam are administered by Pearson/VUE by computer at authorized testing sites. In Monroe County, the test may be taken at Northampton Community College, MCTI, and East Stroudsburg University.

Q. Are there any costs to for the student?
A. The library does not charge any fees and makes the GED textbook and other resources available to the students and tutors free of charge. There is a $30 fee for taking each section of the exam, a total of $120 to take all four sections. For this reason it is important for students to practice with the free exams through Learning Express. The student should schedule a GED exam only when the practice exams indicate the student is likely to pass the GED exam.

For more information about the library’s free GED tutoring program, please email Deborah Pemberton at dpemberton@monroepl.org or call the library at 570-421-0800, ext. 317.