Local History and Genealogy Room User Policy

The Eastern Monroe Public Library Local History and Genealogy Room contains materials relating to the people and history of Monroe County and/or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The collection consists of books, pamphlets, census records, microfilm, newspapers, church and family records. Materials are placed in the history room collection because they are unique, costly to replace, or are irreplaceable.

General Policy

The Local History and Genealogy Room is kept locked when not in use. Reference staff will open it at the request of local history researchers during normal library hours and maintain a log of users. Materials may not leave the room for any reason unless approved by reference staff.

The computer in the Local History and Genealogy Room is reserved for researchers using resources and databases relevant to genealogy and history. Laptops and scanners are permitted at the discretion of the reference staff.

Reference staff reserves the right to inspect a patron’s personal property upon leaving the room.

Reference staff may use the room and computer for proctoring appointments.

History Room User Log

A History Room User Log will record all users of the History Room. It will indicate that the user agrees to the provisions of this policy and will include the user’s signature, date, printed name, address and phone number and purpose of visit, (e.g., research or proctor), and staff initials. The log will be retained electronically as an Excel file in the EMPL common documents file.

Researcher and User Responsibilities

Users are encouraged to take notes only in pencil and handle all materials with care. There is a photocopier on the second floor to use for history room resources with the consent of reference staff. It is the responsibility of the researcher to follow all copyright laws.

Please leave all materials for library staff to shelve.