Prevention and Reporting of Fraud

The purpose of this policy is to establish a method of reporting theft and fraud within the Eastern Monroe Public Library (“Library”). This policy outlines the procedure for employees to report instances of theft or fraud in the workplace, and the procedure that will be followed after a report is made.

Duty to Report
Employees have an obligation to report activity that appears to be fraudulent. Examples of activities that should be reported include, but are not limited to:
• Stealing money, library materials, supplies, equipment or furnishings
• Intentionally misrepresenting amounts of money received on cash reports
• Knowingly fabricating time sheets for oneself or others
• Accessing patron records for anything other than library business

As used in this policy, the term “fraudulent activity” includes suspicious behavior or other conduct similar to the activities enumerated above. Employees knowingly failing to report suspicious activity will be subject to discipline.

Format of the report
Reports of fraudulent activity should contain the following information in order to facilitate prompt, appropriate, and efficient resolution:
• Date on which the activity occurred, if known
• A description of the activity
• The name(s) of anyone involved in the activity
• Where to file the report

Reports of fraudulent activity should be filed with the library director. Reports can be presented to the library director in person or by written report, signed or anonymously. If the employee is uncomfortable reporting the activity to the director, he or she may report it to the President of the Board of Trustees.

Confidentiality of the report
All reasonable efforts will be made to protect the confidentiality of the employee(s) reporting the activity. However, in the event that the matter is handed over to law enforcement, such confidentiality will be governed by local, state and federal guidelines.

Consequences for employee reporting fraudulent activities
No employee shall be subject to any form of punishment on the basis of reporting a fraudulent activity that he or she reasonably believed was a violation the Library’s policies. However, an employee will be subject to disciplinary action if the Library reasonably concludes that the reported activity was knowingly fabricated, exaggerated, distorted, or minimized by the employee. An employee whose report of misconduct contains admissions of personal wrongdoing will not be guaranteed protection from disciplinary action.

Responses to Report of Suspicious Activities
All reports of fraudulent activity will be dated and initialed by the Library Director or President of the Board of Trustees upon receipt. The Library director or President of the Board of Trustees will review and investigate the report within 30 days of receipt. If additional time is needed to review and investigate the report, a note will be made of the reasons for the delay. If a violation of the Library’s policies is detected, the Library will take steps to respond appropriately to the offense and to prevent similar offenses from occurring in the future, including any necessary modifications to policies or procedures.

Policy adopted by Library Board of Trustees – 6/21/2016