Use of Children’s Room

The Eastern Monroe Public Library Children’s Room offers the following guidelines to ensure a welcoming and comfortable environment for children, their parents and guardians, and other adults doing research with children’s literature

  1. The Children’s Room at all the Library facilities is reserved for use by children 17 and under. Parents and guardians may accompany their children when they are using the Children’s Room.
  2. .Children ages 8 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Please refer to Policy on Parental Responsibilities.
  3. Adults doing active research with children’s materials may also use the Children’s Room once they have identified themselves to the supervising librarian of the children’s department.
  4. The Children’s Room may not be used by adults as a general reading room. Adults who are not using children’s materials may be asked by staff to relocate to another area of the library.
  5. The rest room in the Children’s room may be used by children and their family members only.