OverDrive: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is my PIN?

Your PIN is automatically set to be the last four digits of your library card number unless you changed it when you logged in to your account on our website. Your account PIN may be different from the computer PIN you use to log in to the computers at the library. If you cannot remember your PIN, you can contact the Reference department at 570-421-0800 ext. 316 or 317. Please have your library card number ready when you call so we can provide you with correct information.

Do I need an OverDrive account?

No. You are able to sign in to OverDrive and check out e-books using only your library card.

There are benefits to creating and using an OverDrive account, but we at the library do not have access to your OverDrive account login information. We can verify your library card number and PIN, but you will need to contact OverDrive for any issues logging in to an OverDrive account with an email and password. For more information on OverDrive sign-in options, visit the OverDrive help site here.

How many e-books can I check out?

An active Eastern Monroe Public Library card will allow you to check out two OverDrive e-books at the same time. You can return e-book titles early (before they automatically expire) in order to create space for new check-outs.

Residents of Pennsylvania may also apply for a free library card from the Free Library of Philadephia, which allows patrons to check out up to six titles from OverDrive at a time.

How do I return an e-book?

NOTE: There are no overdue fines for e-books. E-books cannot be overdue.

E-books automatically expire and are removed from your account and your device(s) on their due date. You are not required to manually return e-books unless you have reached your check out limit of two items and would like to check out a different title.

To return an e-book go into your Loans account by either clicking on the overdrive-books-icon icon or by choosing “Loans” from the drop-down list under “My account”. Underneath the e-book should be an option to “Return”, which allows you to return the e-book early. A pop-up box will ask you to confirm you want to return the e-book.

If there is no “Return” option under your e-book, this is because you have downloaded that e-book to a device such as a phone or tablet. Open the OverDrive app on that device and delete the book from your “Files”. You should now have an option to “Return” the e-book before it expires automatically.

How do I renew my e-book?

OverDrive gives you the option to renew an e-book once you have three (3) or fewer days remaining on your checkout. At that point an option to renew the e-book will appear underneath the e-book on your loan shelf. If another patron has placed a hold on that e-book, you will instead be given an option to place your own hold on the title.

How do I place a hold?

If the top of the e-book says “Wait List” instead of “Available”, the e-book is checked out and can only be placed on hold. Instead of a button to “Borrow” the e-book, there will now be a button that says “Place Hold”. When you select the “Place Hold” button, you will get a pop up asking you to put in your email. You will be notified by email when the hold is available for you to pick up. If you have a free slot in your Loans account, the e-book you placed on hold will automatically be checked out to you.

What is my Wish List?

Your wish list is a helpful way to keep track of e-books that you might be interested in borrowing, but do not want to check out yet. If you see a title you are interested in but already have two e-books checked out, you can add the title to your wish list. Unlike placing a hold, e-books on your wish list will not be checked out to your account or place you on a waiting list for that title. E-book titles you add to your wish list will remain on the list until you remove them.

Why can’t I check out an e-book?

There are a number of factors that could prevent you from checking out an e-book:

  • You already have two e-books checked out on your OverDrive account.
  • The e-book is already checked out to another patron. Instead you can place a hold on the e-book.
  • Your library card may have expired. Call us at 570-421-0800 ext. 316 or 317 to check on your card status or stop in at one of our library locations for assistance.