Spring Challenge Reading Competition

Competetive Reading! What Could Be More Fun?!

This year’s Spring Challenge Reading Competition will be held at Easton Area High School on March 28, 2017. If you love to read and work with a team, join us for a fantastic experience!

Photo of Reading Competition Team 2015

ReadioActive 2015

The Associated Libraries of Monroe County team is the only team from public libraries. All the other teams are from area high schools. The competition is open to students in grades 9-12.

Each team needs to be familiar with the books on the reading list (see below)–a total of 45 books! The teams compete against each other in quiz show format. If you think you might be interested in joining us, get started by reading anything you want from the list. Contact Mary Ann Lewis, Teen Librarian, to sign up or get more information (include your name, grade, and school). We touch base each month at our Teen Advisory Board meetings and have one or two dedicated meetings as the competition gets closer. We need 8-12 members to send a team–join us and be a part of an exciting reading adventure 🙂

Reading list for the Spring Challenge Reading Competition (High School) 2017