Legacies and Planned Giving

The Legacy Society is a dedicated group of people who all have one thing in common – they love libraries. You can become a member of the Legacy Society by making a planned gift or legacy to the Eastern Monroe Public Library.

What is planned giving?

In its most basic form, planned giving is a type of donation that allows you to make a gift to libraries in the future. The most common planned gifts include bequests in wills, life insurance and residual interest in real estate. The great thing about planned gifts is that they do not require you to make any contributions today. Your gift intention is simply created today, but the actual gift will be made in the future. Planned giving may also offer the donor tax benefits, now and in the future.

Why should you leave a legacy?

Donors choose to leave a legacy for many reasons. Some want their memory to live on, other simply want to support a library because it is an organization that is near and dear to their heart. In all cases your membership in the Legacy Society will ensure that our library can continue to do what it does best – provide quality public service to the people of Monroe County through innovation, education and a commitment to accessible collections, services and programs.

The Legacy Society will acknowledge and honor those who have recognized the special role libraries play in Monroe County, and who are committed to ensuring sustainable library funding for years to come.

For more information on leaving a legacy for the Eastern Monroe Public Library please contact the Director, Susan Lyons, at 570-421-0800, ext. 304.