Kindle Fire: Check it out!

Kindle Fire tablets are now available for checkout at all branches of the Eastern Monroe Public Library, thanks to a mobile technology LSTA grant from the State Library. With a Kindle you can download thousands of e-books and e-audiobooks, all free with your library card. You can also surf the Internet with the Silk Browser anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

Not sure how a Kindle works? Just check with a reference librarian or take one of the upcoming computer classes on using Kindles and downloading ebooks.


Q. How long is the borrowing period for a Kindle?
A. 14 Days with one renewal.

Q. How many e-books can I borrow free from the library?
A. Both Overdrive and One-Click Digital allow you to borrow two books at a time. You can return the book when you finish it (or don’t like it) and borrow another book. You may also borrow books from the other e-book options, such as Ebrary, Freading, Tumblebooks, etc.

Q. What if I lose or damage the Kindle tablet?
A. There is a $75 replacement fee.

Q. What if I return the Kindle late?
A. The overdue fine is $1 per day. Remember that you can renew the device once and you can do that online through the library website or call the library to avoid late fees.

Q. Can any library patron borrow a Kindle?
A. Borrowing is limited to EMPL library patrons age 18 and older.

Q. Can I purchase apps and e-books beyond the free books offered through the library?
A. You shouldn’t purchase anything because the apps and books will be erased when you return the Kindle. To protect the privacy of our patrons, all returned Kindles will be reset to factory condition and any added items will be deleted from the Kindle.

Q. What is included with the Kindle Kit?
A. The Kindle tablet, cover, a two-part plug, and a carrying case. Please return all items to avoid fines and replacement fees.

Q. Can I return my Kindle to any library or drop it in the return box?
A. No. You must return it to the circulation desk at the library where you borrowed it. Please do not drop the Kindle in the Book return. Dropping it in the box may cause damage and you would be responsible for the damage.

Q. How long does the battery last?
A. Amazon claims you should get an 11 hour battery life if you are doing a mix of reading, browsing the web, watching video and listening to music. If you are planning to just read you can expect to get 17 hours out of it. The battery can be fully recharged in about one hour.

Q. Other questions?
A. Give us a call!

Hughes Library: 570-421-0800
Pocono Township: 570-629-5858
Smithfields Library: 570-223-1881

Check out a Kindle Fire