2011 Annual Report Summary

Collection – Total number of items, print and non-print 228,984
Print Subscriptions 394
Database subscriptions 39

Hughes 393,359
Smithfields 31,848
Pocono Township 24,131
Bookmobile 11,530
Corrections 11,609
Total 472,477

Reference Questions 26,457
Subscription Database searches 42,452
Adult Program Attendance 900
Youth Program Attendance 8,008
Public Meetings held – Hughes Library 1,473
Staff FTE 34 People 46
Total Hours of Service 7,833
Public Internet stations – all locations 36
Public Internet sessions 91,271

Local Tax Revenue $1,255,557
PA State Aid 400,246
Other 168,654
Total Income $1,824,457

Collection $249,150
Personnel 1,259,207
Other 338,489
Total Expenses $1,846,846


Programming highlights include the second annual Monroe County Book Expo, a day-long showcase for local authors and publishers.  The EMPL website was visited 167,169 times, an increase of 75% over 2010.  Database usage, particularly new services such as ebrary and World Book online, also increased.   EMPL received a generous bequest from Nick & Nelly Ioannidis for the adult print collection. Support from the Frances M and R Dale Hughes Foundation helps with network and equipment upgrades.   While this report is filled with numbers, the year was actually filled with people of all ages attending meetings and programs, reading and viewing stories, using computers to communicate, learn and play.    EMPL is public service 7 days a week and always online.

Last updated April 24, 2012